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Wounded Warrior Programs

Serving the military veteran population since 2006, STRIDE’s Wounded Warrior Program provides integrated adaptive sports and recreation activities to men and women of the armed forces who have been injured in combat. STRIDE utilizes skilled volunteer sport instructors and offers programs in snow sports, marksmanship, sled hockey, watersports, cycling and camping (at SCORE). This program serves Wounded Warriors and their families from the region and beyond.

With a focus on individual lifetime sports, our programs use specialized equipment and teaching techniques to “level the playing field.” STRIDE is a partner member of Move United Sports and a US Paralympic Sport Club. Unlike other military and large national organizations, STRIDE Warrior programs provide direct service to active duty or veterans through the use of a mentorship philosophy. Mentors are paired with youth with similar disabilities as an integral part of the rehabilitative process: redeveloping their service ethos for community integration. In partnership with various Veteran’s Administration, Fort Drum and Transition Units, and numerous regional American Legions and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations, STRIDE provides opportunities to restore shattered lives of injured soldiers and Marines returning home from battle.


For more information contact STRIDE Wounded Warrior Liaison, Don Tallman

To register, contact or 518-598-1279, and submit a STRIDE Wounded Warrior Application.

*STRIDE reserves the right to charge a full price cancellation fee if you make a reservation and then do not attend.

 Meet Our Wounded Warrior Liaison: Don Tallman

I have been with STRIDE Wounded Warriors since 2013. At the time, I though any participation in sports was not possible. I used to be a runner

 until I got injured in Afghanistan in 2008. I now participate in archery, skiing, and hand cycling to name a few. When I got injured, I felt useless. Being a leader in the military, that was extremely frustrating. So while I was getting my medical care, I asked to work full time as a Platoon Sergeant for the CBWTU in MA. After doing that for a year then started doing admin work at the WTU in Ft Drum NY helping process orders for soldiers quicker. Once I was medically retired, I needed to find something else to keep me involved and that is when I met STRIDE. I love helping other veterans (especially those that have gone thru something similar) and getting them together. Camaraderie is one thing I really missed, so I started organizing social events like going to see Jeff Dunham every year, and the Warrior Weekend veteran family camping weekends at least twice a year.

Special thanks to our 2021 Wounded Warrior Snowfest and Bootcamp sponsor:

The 2021 Wounded Warrior Snowfest was a big success in our new, Covid-adapted format. 

Please click on the video below to view the Virtual Welcome Ceremony.

Special thanks to our sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you!!!