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Capital District Sled Hockey Warriors

Similar to ice hockey, sled hockey is an exciting, competitive full-contact team sport played on ice.  In place of skates, players are seated in sleds, and hockey sticks are replaced with picks – shortened hockey sticks (1/3 the length of a regulation hockey stick) with metal teeth at the end. Players use their picks to pass, stick handle, shoot the puck, and propel their sled across the ice. Though the sled is designed for people with lower extremity disabilities, people without disabilities may also participate!

STRIDE’s Capital District Sled Warrior team holds practices on weekends at the Albany County Hockey Facility ice rink throughout the season, with tournaments and games scheduled throughout the late winter and early spring. Some of the bigger tournaments include the NY Empire State Games in Lake Placid; Syracuse and Skaneateles tournament and the Amelia Cup in Springfield, MA.

STRIDE provides equipment including a uniform, helmet, neck guard, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, shin guards, sled, and pick. It is also recommended to have sturdy shoes or old ice hockey boots (without blades) to protect your feet. For more information on joining the team, please contact STRIDE. The team members are responsible for raising or paying their own travel expenses.

Where are practices: Albany County Hockey Facility, 830 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY 12211
Late season practices will be held at Bethlehem YMCA Open Ice Slots (TBD)

CD Sled Warriors logo 08 12 09 img 0When: October – April on Sundays : 11:25- 12:25pm

*Practice Schedule dates listed on STRIDE Calendar

*If you are interested in trying this sport  contact or 518-598-1279.

*A current (within a calendar year) STRIDE registration form must be on file to participate. 


Meet our Hockey Managers

Jon Phillips

Jonathan Phillips is a proud father of five and an entrepreneurial community leader for social good. He is the 5th generation owner of Phillips Hardware which has been serving the Albany area since 1886 while using innovative tactics to adapt and survive the ever-changing economic conditions. Furthermore, his passion for giving back and empowering youth through sports is well exemplified through his efforts through his efforts with STRIDE Adaptive Sports, Police Athletic League, Guilderland Baseball League among numerous other non-profit efforts. Jon somehow effectively balances this chaotic lifestyle in a way that keeps his sanity in tact (to a certain extent) and emphasizes his family-orientated communal values. 

Mark Boucher


Donor and Sponsorship Information:

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To make donations toward hockey player travel accommodations, Click here.

Program Supported by : 

American Legion Riders Helderberg                                                             

Frank & Wilma Schmeler

Chlastawa & Gill Charitable

Bethlehem Hockey Boosters

                               Exit 21 Carwash & Quick-Lube Center