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Inclusive Restorative Yoga Program

Replenish your body, mind, and spirit with this practice of gentle and deeply supported poses accompanied by soothing breathwork, guided relaxation and mantra. Experience passive stretches in comfortable postures as we activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Leave class feeling relaxed and calm. Appropriate and encouraged for all levels. 

*Mats,blankets, blocks, bolsters, pillows, strap etc are provided but we encourage you to bring your own. They must be cleaned after each use.

VIRTUAL – next class TBA

The beauty of a virtual class is that you can modify it to your surroundings. No matter if you are in a wheelchair or in your office chair at work, you can participate in this class. The instructor will provide verbal instructions and cues for you to follow along at your own pace. The instructor will allow for some socialization with the other participants 10 minutes before and after the class.
Here is a sample of what this virtual class may be like:

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