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Hiking/Snowshoeing Program

Spring/ Fall hikes carry us into snowshoeing season….Snowshoeing is more aerobic than walking! Snowshoes sink softly into snow to keep you atop. Treks are held at various locations and are generally one to two hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Enjoy beauty of quiet woods while enjoying the benefits of walking outdoors. Learn about winter nature while hiking, for fitness while enjoying the winter months.  Snowshoeing takes planning for interesting outings. In the event of a non-snow day, there is the option for a winter hike. If interested and to register contact or 518-598-1279.

*A current (within a calendar year) STRIDE application must be on file at STRIDE to participate. STRIDE reserves the right to charge a full price cancellation fee if you do make a reservation and then do not attend.

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