Family Ski Time

Welcome to my STRIDE Fundraiser page! Help support people with disabilities enjoy sports, healthy activities and genuine community. You can make a difference!
Volunteering at Catamount
Goal $1,000.00
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Thanks for supporting this cause that is SO important to me.  Adaptive Sports have been a huge part of my life for nearly a decade.  My experice with STRIDE is the evoluntion of my continued love for sharing my passion for outdoor sports, a healthy lifestyle and building community.  STRIDE is an amazing non-profit who has been providing incredible programming for over 30 years.  

Help me and the hundreds of volunteers continue the mission and give what you are able to donate right now.  My modest goal is $1000.  This money will help to sustain an organization that touches thousands of lives and makes outdoor sports and recreation available to so many.  Many who would not be able to enjoy the sports we love without the specific tools, equipment and highly trained volunteers that STRIDE offers.  

Thank you for the good you are doing right now!  


Christopher Brower