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Annual Report

STRIDE’s fiscal year runs June 1 through May 31. Year- end reporting to key constituents within the organization is typically held in the beginning of June at a local business establishment or college.

The meeting is a time for stakeholders within the organization, including volunteers, committee members, program directors, and Executive/Honorary board members, to come together to reflect and plan the strategies needed for future growth and sustainability. Typically attended by 40 of the most influential and involved members, the evening includes kicks off with a power-point presentation of the Annual Report and financial picture presented by the treasurer.

Please see our calendar for the date and location of the Annual Meeting.

STRIDE 2020-2021 Annual Report

STRIDE 2019-20 Annual Report

STRIDE 2018- 19 Annual Report

STRIDE 2017-18 Annual Report

STRIDE 2016-17 Annual Report